April 17, 2009

.wish i didn't live this story.

A Night Turned Cold
by lenniez

she had a good day at the coast today. a good day with lots of hugs and kisses and an expensive dinner at a malaysian-indian restaurant to celebrate "3 months since we got to know each other". then suddenly... someone pulled a switch on them.

"someone" meaning she didn't know who/how/when/why/what...

so she packed her things and left his house just after midnight after another heated argument about a new issue, an old issue, an issue that apparently had always been bugging him, the issue they had when they broke up the last time, about his hurt feelings and her's.

as she grabbed her shoes and headed for the door, her anger grew when he said,
"did you want me to walk you to your car?" - her car was parked out back! it was midnight! the visitor's parking was dark! what was he thinking?!

stubborn as hell, she said, "no thank you" curtly and walked out into the dark. she heard the door slam and lock behind her. painful. she was ready to cry. she stumbled to her car with her bags (handbag and a bag of clothes/makeup/etc).

she then heard the door open. hopeful. she slowly dropped her things in the car and slowly walked to the driver's seat... she started picturing herself falling back into his arms and making up/out like always. as more seconds passsed, she slowly got into her car. waited. started her engine. waited. turned on her lights. waited. still no sign of him...

with a round of new found frustration, she shifted her gear into reverse and drove off; she was so angry at everything. at him.


MsMusicJunkie said...

sounds like a real jackass to me.

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

yea. at the time. then again, i didnt write about the bits where i was being a bitch... so... yea.

but thanks for the support. team sherlene!! woohoo!! LOL jk. E is awesome. :) and yes, we made up already. i hope your talk went well.