April 21, 2009

.bucket list.

something i thought i must share. :)

so, i've been thinking. to succeed, i really need to build my self confidence in the legal world... hence, i will be seriously considering volunteering at the caxton legal centre for experience. i just hope i qualify for it... imagine not even qualifying for volunteer work. sigh.

anywayz, i watched 'the bucket list' last night with the girls. it was pretty good. very touching. made me think alot... made me wanna start a list of my own. i know derek, ivan and i have a list, but those are short term ones... now i want a long term. and a serious one. so, we'll see.

hmm. the movie also showed us how having filthy rich friends can really help. HAHA. but no, we're not that shallow. *ahem*

ANYWAY... if you had the choice to know exactly when u're gonna die, do you wanna know? so u can do all u wanna do and plan everything u possible can? or would u prefer to live everyday the way u do now (perhaps taking advantage of each breath) and not know until the time comes?

i think i don't wanna know.

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