April 1, 2009

.harrassed at kmart - not april fools!.

im just gonna come right out and tell this story:

today sheena and i were trying on some boots at kmart when this guy walked up to me and asked me for the time. i told him, and he thanked me and walked off. then, as i was returning a pair of boots on the rack, he came over to me and asked me something that i just had to make him repeat because i didn't... i mean COULDN'T register. he repeated himself. and yes, to my dismay, i had heard him right the first time -

"do you want to have sex?"

what the fuck? what the bloody flying fuck?

i glared at him, wrinkled my brow and gave him an exaggerated "noOooo..."



my april 1st pranks were awesome. i managed 3 big ones on my babe, selina and ivan. major LOLs. then some minor ones with johno, jimmy, mouzam, sheena, wynna and my cousin carmen. it was all good fun despite the 'i hate yous', 'you b*tch' and 'you're evil!' exclaimations! :) thanks guys!!

and yes yes, i know karma. selina already got me back. that cow. but alls good! haHa! happy april fools guys!! you're lucky if you didn't get a call from me today. ;)


sythen said...

thats just wrong. i know how disgusted u mustve felt. i mean.. if a guy was to ask me that... jeez..

۞ D! ۞ said...

thats like the 3rd time in the last 12 months right?

Anonymous said...

lol, I could so see that expression on your face saying "noOooo..."

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

sigh. i dont know whats up with these men... :(

and anon, u can see my expression ei? issit cuz u've asked me the same question before? :P (is this sing yee?)