April 4, 2009

.signs or superstitions?.

my gals and i just got home from clubbing with my brother at his friend's birthday party @ the met. :) Happy Birthday Felix!! it was an okay night for me. my frenchie and his french friend came as well, so that was nice. :) and of course, STAN was there! :) the man is back in brisbane! woot woot!

clubbing aside, 2 things i just wanted to jot down here -

#1. today i was outside the jewellery shop i worked at, reading their new posters, while waiting for my frenchie to meet me. i thought it was funny how as i read the words "...you've found the one...", i turned to my right to see my frenchie walking up to me. i wasn't expecting him that soon, so i took it as a sign. not a sign that he's "the one", but a sign that there's something good here. :)

#2. frenchie said he wanted to get a boost juice for 'breakfast', so we went to boost together. after he ordered, the lady asked "what name was that under?" (to mark his cup)... and to my surprise, he said, "sam". 

i looked at him and asked (not in front of the lady, of course), "why sam?"... and he says, "because they can never pronounce my name. and when they try, i never know they're calling me.

"no no," i said, "i meant why the name sam?"... and he arched an eyebrow and said, "i don't know. it was the first name that came to mind. why?"... and i looked at him, not totally believing it and told him, "sam is MY fake boost juice name." 

he gave me look. "why sam?" he asks. "short for samantha. a name i always liked," i told him.


so... wow. we have the same fake boost name. i took that as another sign. :)

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