May 1, 2009

.expiry date stamped.

5.06am - i officially finished season 1 of gossip girls in 2 days.


i picked out this line from one of the episodes. spoken by dan to his girlfriend serena when it appeared to him that something was troubling her -

"why dont you tell me whats on your mind, so it can on our minds, then our minds can worry about whats on your mind together."

i thought it was really sweet. :) sounds a little like my babe. the part where he twists english sentences round and round (which i find really cute) and also the part where he's always getting me to empty my brain/mind/thoughts on to him... and i know its because he cares. :)

so hey, guess what?

4th october 2009 - his flight back to france has been officially booked and confirmed. 

sounds kinda contradicting with my previous "he cares" statement, hey? but if you know our story, you'd be as clear as i am about the fact that this romance isn't made for "forever and ever". (thats if i even believe in that whole concept)

it still feels weird to know the exact date though. its like knowing your favourite item's expiry date. not to mention, this item has been discontinued, so u can also forget about trying to replenish when this one runs it course.

but im taking comfort in the fact that he felt weird too when making the reservation. proves he's probably in this as much as i am? since we both felt "weird" about the (now, very real) fact that he's indeed leaving...

ok, im starting to ramble.

im gonna take a nice hot shower and curl up in bed.
still hate the freezing toes part. :(

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