July 19, 2008

.family time.

today was my last day at prac. stayed back at the department until 6pm to help out on a massive affidavit. i actually enjoyed myself. :)

been spending heaps of time with family these few days. last night, the 5 of us, housemates (yes! including my bro!!) went to GarCit (as sheena calls it) to watch Batman. haHa... i enjoyed the fact that we all went together more than the movie itself. :) (not that i liked the movie alot anyway - no offence to batman fans)

and cuz we're talkin about batman, i just wanna add: RIP Heath Ledger. i loved you in "10 things i hate about you". :)

tonite we stayed in becuz the cinemas were full (and the ones that werent were too expensive) and ended up playing a couple of rounds of pictionary mania. seriously, its awesome. :)

and there's a particular round that i would love to share for laughs, in sheena's expense though... haHa that gurl really kills me sometimes. check this out... if you wanna have a go at guessing, don't scroll down too quickly:

# sheena's drawing; ok, start guessing. :P

# the opposing team' drawing (of the same thing)...

guessed it?? :)

and the amazing thing about pictionary mania is how they've pimped up the original pictionary by making things slightly more difficult for the players. instead of just drawing, this is an example of what they put you through...

yepp! drawing without your sight!! :)

and well, cuz this particular round required both teams to draw at the same time, and we did not have enough blindfolds... cyrus tried improvising. and ok, if the drawing above didn't already make you smile... check out our very own pimped up blindfold! modelled by none other than our baby, sheeeenaaaa!! -


and well, under those circumstances, sheena and i drew the above drawings. did you guess it yet?? did sheena or my drawing do the trick? lol ah wellz, here's your answer! -

lol sheena is so bloody cute.
ROFL (still)


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