July 16, 2008

.im still learning.

im feelin random again tonite. here are some stuffs i've been thinkin about lately...

1. see, my life is an open book. most of the times anyway. so, i was gonna blog about something quite controversial and sensitive. been thinkin whether i should, cuz i really want to, but i probably shouldnt, simply cuz i dont wanna inflict more pain or cause more conflict. hmm.

2. is kissing another girl considered cheating? - only thought about this because of katy perry's song "i kissed a girl"... she sings, "i kissed a girl and i liked it." hmm? maybe i would too? *eyes sheena*

3. is it true that it takes losing something before one is able to truly appreciate its worth? so does that mean, the only time you'd truly appreciate something is when its already too late to get it back?

4. can a guy and girl really be friends? is it even more impossible if both the guy and the girl are single? ... and how different is it if one of them is unavailable? or even both of them?

5. is the key to resisting temptation from the opposite sex while you're in a relationship to think of how it is not worth giving up a real connection for momentary pleasure?

my best bud came to brissie two weeks ago.
tonite, i sent her off at the airport.
feel extremely guilty for not spending enougb time with her.
look?! i dont even have a pic with her with me...
ok ok, of course there are some...
but they are all in her cam.

but oh well,
again, im off to sleep.
placement ends in 3 days.
i'm stoked!!
i need a breaaaakk!!!



farah said...

hi sherlene, don't mind me ;P

in response to no.4, i would say YES - jason and i are friends. and that is it! we were friends when we are both unavailable, friends when we were single, and friends when one of us was single. and we're still friends! i don't think i will ever be more than friends with him. (sorry jason, but i don't think i even need to say sorry, hahaha) as friend as he can be, there's no 'love', nor do i think it will ever come close to it.

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol u crack me up farah... :P u and jason are really something huh? but heyyy... who knows... maybe jason had the hots for you?? lol ok ok, im sorry, dont throw up!! :D

hey hey.. sure ur glad jason is back. :) have heaps of funn!!!