July 1, 2008

.its not just me, is it?.

i have a tendency to overthink things; perhaps thats like every other girl on the planet. but one thing i do overthink too much is other people's feelings. i always knew i do it, but its only recently when i realised how damaging it is to myself.

before i do anything, when im doing something or even after i do something, i'd drown myself in thoughts of what the other person may be thinking.

how it can be damaging:

1. i drown myself in guilt; some of which are very unescessary.
2. i feel bad = lousy mood = wet blanket for everyone else.
3. i dont enjoy doing what im doing; even when its doing something i like.
4. some things really isnt my concern; and its such a waste of time to think about.
5. some things, i really cant do anything about; which then makes me feel helpless and then frustrated and then start thinking that i'm a bad person.
6. i take on more responsibility over others than i should have, and it just weighs me down.

but of course, i see how this trait is good too of course.
guess i just need to do everything in moderation...



MsMusicJunkie said...

u spell unnecessary wrongly.XD

Anonymous said...

hey dear. don't feel guilty for what your heart feels. don't let anyone else or any other situation to influence you of how exactly you feel. you are made to be happy and you are suppose to feel love just the way it should be :) good luck dear ~~ :) take care.

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

aww... thanks anon. :)

lol unecessary. there u go! wait, thats rite... rite?