July 18, 2008

.how should i spend it?.

ok, im choosing to ignore the fact that i currently have a problem lodging my tax return and open the discussion about how i should spend some of my tax money. here's a list i've came up with... the plan is to choose to do not more than 2.

so, if you're free... help me out deciding -

1. take an overnight trip somewhere near - an island or something.
2. get a small tattoo on my hip.
3. fix my damaged hair (cut + re-colour)
4. buy the trench coat i've always wanted (but spring is already sorta here)
5. buy working shoes
6. take dance classes
7. join a gym (nah... dont think so)
8. go sky-diving
9. buy an NDS to play with jason
10. save it all (rainy day logic)
11. get a full body massage
12. buy lots of small cheap stuffs (accessories, tops, bags, belts, etc)

.... at the moment,
i'm quite torn on taking an island trip, fixing my hair, dance classes and sky-diving. hmmmm...

but anywayz,
hear hear to the end of another financial year!!



Anonymous said...



MsMusicJunkie said...

fixed damaged hair or buy something nice for you're sister. :D HAHA

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

u guys suck. :P thx for 50% of help tho wynna... :)

and ivan lean, i've already visited!!! lol

Anonymous said...

MIMCO's good and pack it or prefreabbly THEM to kk. u know for christmas gisft