July 27, 2008

.me? artist? o.O.

whoa. (for 2 reasons)

1st reason -
becuz sheena just made me realise that we watched 3 movies today. we're such couch potatos!! happy ones though. :)

x. irresistable;
x. the other boleyn girl;
x. memento.

2nd reason -
i was yahoo-ing myself... but instead of searching for 'sherlene', (which didnt have much hits, as jason phoon and i have discovered) i searched for 'lenniez', and boyyy have i used that name for quite a few things!

but the thing that surprised me most was finding myself on this website called "Invisible Artists". my first thoughts... "wth?".... and then it became... "wow... i'm an 'artist'"... HAHA... ok, its nothing big, but still... its cool, aint it? AINT IT??

check it out: http://www.invisibleartists.com/artist/Pop/Lenniez/400

... and... i've been labelled pop-acoustic. HAHA. well, i think thats cool.

the main page (above) of the site says -

"invisibleartists.com intends to present the world a number of unknown artists in various music genres. If you know or have heard of a band or an artist which is congenial to one of the following formulas, do not hesitate to contact us and we shall have the honor to reserve their place in our show on the underground scene. Give them the chance to show the world what they can do."

so... maybe someone put me up for this? hmm...
and nooooo...
i didnt submit myself - although thats a funny thought.

one thing i didnt about this site is how they took information off my blog. like my picture. :( such an invasion of privacy. but it must've been from youtube, cuz my blog is linked on my page. *pfft*

but oh wellz.
cool, no?


mr jp said...

well, if you post things up on the internets , people are going to find you .

oooh , you look cute in those photos there :0

Jamez said...
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