July 3, 2008

.my court debut.

"Your Honour... if it pleases the court,
my name is Lee, initial S,
and im instructed by the department of child safety."

my first words in court today as a real legal rep. :)
a real court, mind you.

heads up people!
she's officially got one toe in the real world.
be prepared people. be very prepared.


im so burnt out tonite though.
cant wait to see mel tomorrow!!


p/s in relation to my previous post,
what i really ended up doing was -

strepsils - continued blogging - tea tree - face moisturiser - water - hair dryer - wear robe cuz the towel wasn't keeping me warm at all (its damp, so do'h) - body moisturiser - pajamas - deep heat.

typical me. i never follow plans. not even my own.
its a sickness i reckon.

oh wellz.

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