July 29, 2008

.skills upgrade.


ok wait, i may be a GIRL, and an "ASIAN", but i wouldnt call myself a bad driver. *ahem* although i do have my weaknesses. i've had my licence for 6 years now, but only really started driving a MANUAL car last year. side parkings, i'm oookay, but i never dared the reverse park (under pressure) until today. when the only parking spot available DEMANDED reverse parkings.

*wooHooo!!* :)

newayz, im facing some difficulties applying for my permanent visa here in australia. maybe stan is right, i would eventually be forced to go back and work for daddy. 6 months chambering back home and i bet i wouldn't bother coming back to koala land.

my baby sister is such a tool. i had pins and needles pricking my right foot just then, and she found it absolutely necessary to torment me by tossing a tv remote at it. mind you, she was sitting a whole sofa away!! dont u feel the sisterly love? *everybody: "awwww"*- and it was a bloody good aim.

ok! blockbuster time!

p/s: yes, there is someone in the car. u did not imagine that poser. :)

p/s 2: IVAN LEAN!!! :) Happy 23rd! wow... cant believe we belong in the same age box again. [interpret that whichever way u like ;) ]



۞ D! ۞ said...

did u use the trick i tot u at the airport?

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol suree diddd... :P