July 21, 2008

.choosing a profession.

here's a handy tip to everyone out there; from my personal experience, i would like to tell everyone out there that you cant be a lawyer if you dont have moneeeeyyy!!

putting the obvious expenses aside (money paid to your uni for the initial bachelors degree) and paying for the compulsory practical element (unless you're smart enough to nail a job and do a traineeship instead, which takes a year or two longer), the next COMPULSORY money-sucking step right before you're accepted as "one of them" requires you to spend money on -

x. publishing your intention to get admitted, in the courier mail ($? - depending on how many other poor law graduates you get to share the cost with you. - im paying about $45.00);

x. publishing your intention to get admitted, in the Queenslan law reporter ($147.40 - must be done individually.);

x. filing your admission documents in the supreme court ($48.00);

x. making the application to the Queensland Law Society ($428.00);

x. printing money for the 10018291719182 documents you need to file with your application;

x. federal criminal history check ($41.40)

... and the reason why i'm so annoyed by the above (rather than excited becuz i'm finally gonna be a lawyer) is cuz... well, remember my 18th july post?? about how i was planning to spend my tax return money?



Anonymous said...

soo..... no visit eh....


.lennie.sam.lee. said...

:( guess not.
sorry for missing ur bday!

mr jp said...

so no gold coast trip ?

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

no beh baybeee... i thought of moreton island wan lor. :( now no more ler...