July 6, 2008

.get it rite baybee!.

today, my phoon said he will marry me in front of all my friends. in cantonese.

...only to realise he got the meaning of that particular cantonese word wrong. if you know phoon's level of cantonese, u'd understand. of course, he then proceeded to take back his words.

lol again, silly boy.
my silly boy. :)

my silly boy who's staring at me with his scary and stern small eyes rite now, telling me to get off blogger and start doing my work. bleaah.



The Malaysian Gordon Ramsey said...

almost got caught hey mr phoon. luckay luckay!

mr phoon said...

Did someone say marry ?


jamez said...

Hi sherlene. I'm one of jason's best bud from KL. Hope you don't mind me dropping a message of congratulations to your engagement.. i mean togetherness. Cheers! :)

you the man jason *clicks* ;)

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol yea baby! ur luckay! keep running! dont trip on the shackles tho! ;)

hey jamez :)
i've heard heaps about ya. haHa thanks for stoppin by. i'll be sure to send u a wedding invite if u're not already made best man. HAHAHA... i can imagine jason's small eyes popping rite about now. :P

mr jp said...

*eyes popping*


jamez said...

i get to be best man??? wooooww...
i'm honoured to attend!!! =P

Jason must be soooooooo happy till his eyes popped out. =P

farah said...

hi sherlene, don't mind me.. :P
i must say that sepia pic of you and jason looks really nice and romantic :) though it still makes me shudder in geliness that it's JASON who's the guy in it. hahaha.. not used to seeing that side of him at all! :P but i'm really happy that you guys are happy and everyone's happy and yay!

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

:) aww...
yep. everyone's happy. now lets see some sepia pics of u and james. ;) lol @ geliness.. HaHaha!