July 14, 2008

.2 weeks unsupervised.

we were at new farm park on the 12th july 2008.
was a very good day. :)

now we're in his room...
im bloggin and he's towel drying his hair.
im feelin a little heavy hearted.
my phoon is leaving back to malaysia tomorrow morning.
i miss him already.

i shouldn't be worried rite?
after all, two weeks. thats nothing... rite?
yea. no reason to feel this way.
it'll be fine.

he's gonna be back with his friends,
enjoyin his 2 weeks holiday back in the familiar.
while i'm gonna enjoy my break...
catch up on all the things i've put off the last few weeks,
things i had to put off to fit everything else in.

so yea. 2 weeks will fly.
we'll both stay positive and remember our pinky promise,
and nothing will change...

but i guess we'll find out in 2 weeks.
*fingers crossed*

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