July 3, 2008

.sherlene; the putz.

its 12.45pm. sooo not an hour for me to be awake. especially when i'm making my debut in court tomorrow. *how awesome is that by the way?!* ANYWAY... here i am, in a towel with my hair is dripping wet. i'm tired and just can't wait to climb into bed. instead, what do i do?

(besides wasting more time blogging...)
i standing around my room; its been a minute or two. im glancing around at the following items -

1. body moisturiser - essential after-bath-because-its-winter product;
2. strepsils - becuz my throat is hurting;
3. deep heat pain reliever cream - becuz i sorta hurt my muscle/vein/joint/something around my right foot;
4. tea tree oil - for the new and unwelcomed zit on my face;
5. face moisturiser - refer to #1 for reason;
6. pajamas - cuz i'm freezing;
7. hair dryer - self explanatory; and
8. a glass of water.

i find myself not knowing what to do, or which item to apply/use/put on/consume before the other. am i really that intellectually impaired? or is this sudden dumbness due to the pressure to beat time?

o.O this is too much before-bed things to do!!!

ok, *calm it budddy...*
here's what im gonna do -

water - strepsils - tea tree oil - face moisturiser - body moisturiser - pajamas - hair dryer - deep heat.

see? that wasn't too hard now was it?


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