July 13, 2008

.party shots.

just a couple of shots from phoon's little party last nite. :) - and yes, he's got a love for bob the builder. aaand yes, i kinda messed up the writing on his cake. looked like "happy birthday phoow"... *blush* me not trainedddd....

but i hope he had a good day.
aawww... i want those pics we took at new farm park.

but now, *yawn* need sleep.



Anonymous said...

dear do u knoe the two of you got fuchai siong.......i dunno how to put it in english ;D :D but i ammm sureeeeeeeeee u catch meeeee :P


.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol singyeee.... u aaah.... :P haHaa suddenly i feel scared. HAHA :P but thanks! (i guess) haHaaha... *nervous laugh*

mr jp said...

what is fuchai siong ?? I don't get it ...... @_@

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

heHe its ok babe. better if u dun get it. haHahaa... *shhhh*