July 11, 2008

.me phone camera.

had the mood to unload the pics on my camera phone last night. here is a load of my random-ness... :)

picture #1 & #2 - the blinds in my room, right before i climbed into bed. yep, i sleep when the sun rises and wake up when the sun sets. no joke. but of course, since i started working, life hasnt been the same... now its just weekends. :)

picture #3 - just a random shot. had money on my nightstand. eventhough there wasnt a juicy story behind it, it sure felt like it hey? ;) *ahem* hence the inspiration to pull out my camera. thats all there is to it. *cough cough* reaaally... :)

picture #4 - full moon. i was walking home. it was really pretty. i think i had a good nite too.

picture #5 - ooooh... me huge hips!! :) was on the phone with me phoon and was checkin meself out. haHa... yes yes. i know. i will say no more. ms camwhore. yep. guilty. c'est moi. ;)


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