August 20, 2008

.2nd post of the day; bad sign.

imagine doing this -

you're on the bed. sitting in front of your laptop. staring at your gmail's inbox, waiting for a new (1) to appear. u do this for hours, and hours, and hours.

*slaps self* - another sign of a mental case.

i was facebooking with my girlfriends earlier about guys and rships today. it made me realise how all my years of shuffling through different men has seriously screwed me up. its so unhealthy, really!

no, im not going to propose a swear-off-men-for-10-years plan. im just saying. what am i really looking for? what do i really need?

but most importantly,
are there still chances of meeting someone 'right'?


Anonymous said...

hmmm mayb


.lennie.sam.lee. said...

hmmm. dont be referrin to urself. i know better. :P lol