August 23, 2008

.emptying the trash.

the girls are going on a road trip today. unfortunately, i woke up feeling the same way i did last nite. thanks to the dumb radio station playing coldplay's "viva la vida".

another reason why it sucks to share too many songs with your ex, which reminds me... i need a new playlist on my mp3. almost every song that comes up triggers thoughts of jason and i pre-15th july.

[reason for the pre-ness is cuz apparently everything started going downhill from there - to my oblivion]

so, moral(s) of the story [random] -

#1: dont share your favourite song with your boyfriend (cuz the song gets tainted with shit when u guys fall through)

#2: dont go to bed listening to the radio when ur down (cuz its more likely that u'd wake up to a song that makes you wanna bury urself deeper between ur bed and the rest of the world - and its wasting electricity)

#3: after a break up, empty your mp3 player and load it with NO songs you guys have heard together on the bus, in bed, at parties, with friends, or songs that you've daydreamed of him with.

#4. always keep another male crush in mind so u have something to fall back on when your boyfriend bails on you (cuz the guilt of doing so trumps the feeling of ending up learning your boyfriend was not worth it)

#5. dont date guys who tells himself to start learning to live without you, while u guys are still together.

#6. MY CLOSE girlfriends always trump a boyfriend. (cuz ask yourself, who's the one who is always there?)

gold coast. we're coming!

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