August 30, 2008

.thoughts in the shower.

was in the shower when i suddenly realised its been two weeks since jason and i broke up. only two weeks! o.O (the fact that i was showering when i thought of this does not mean anything, so take ur head out of the gutter!)

i also suddenly recalled chatting with jason on the phone one night while i was in the GU learning centre. i remember us telling each other how we've met each other at a good time cuz we're somehow... well, i guess we were both at a comfortable stage of our lives where we were able to happily welcome someone into our lives. guess that doesnt mean much huh? haha.

all my jason-reminder songs are officially gone from my mp3 playlist. stacked my list up with RnB. somehow in an odd way, i feel alive again. :)

shaz smsed me today. said he's been listening to "mari bercinta" cuz he suddenly missed it after our long chat. what a coincidence huh? :) aww... his sms kept me smiling at work today, and i wanna thank him for that.

ok, goodnite. for real this time.


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