August 23, 2008

.all over the place.

1. panic at the disco was cool. cobra starship was ok, but the amount of swear words they used... tsk tsk tsk... it could make up a whole new song by itself. the academy is.... hmmm. nah. i dunno. wynna blogged more about it and made a video; check it out here.

2. i started part timing again today. it was interesting in a way. will write more after i settle in better. safe to say, i now know more about my jewelleries - and i know what i want now. *ahem staaann*... :)

3. is brisbane really that small?

4. the hype of my recent career-halting problem has died down. im accepting things and moving forward. its obvious that im less stressed now... cuz my "female-flow-cycle" has gone back to normal after going on a 2.5 weeks strike. *phew*

5. upon settling that bigger issue, it suddenly dawned on me that... hmm... my heart is broken. but its funny... we've seen/bumped into each other twice now, and seeing him again made me realise how much he has changed. he's no longer who i remember him to be. thats when i realised, i didnt miss the jason in front of me; i missed who he use to be when we were together, if that made sense. i guess what im sayin is that im hurting in remembrance of our past rather than for our lost future.

i remember seeing a glimps of our past in his eyes when we discussed about the custody of sammy, humpty's 'pink friend', on the train... and that did tug at my heart a little... but even that was for the past. hmm... cant believe im only feeling all this after a week. some delayed emotions huh?

6. i'll probably edit or remove this post tomorrow.

7. gold coast tomorrow. see ya on the train!


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