August 26, 2008

.my monday nite.

on sunday, sheensie and i felt up for something different. when an invitation came to hangout, we thought... "hmm... why not spice up our monday nite?" and made that date.

no regrets. :) sheensie and i had lots of fun hangin with leon and jason foo at jfoo's place. ooh.. and mr jim beam. lets for forget him. he gave us some good times... checkie checkie in the vid below -

contents of vid - 1) drinking game; 2) lap dance; 3) twirling; 4) smoochies...

i just have to post these pics up too.

beforeeee any alcohol made its way down our systems, we managed to play a few rounds of tekken AND... muahahHa... [warning: the guys will deny it or claim loss of memory]

ooh... and my favourite pic of the nite! -

we both thought she looked like a japanese tourist. lol

oooh... 30 mins to MU's match!
glory glory!!
time for a win boys!!!!



۞ D! ۞ said...

looks like u guys had fun, lucky got video so I can feel as though I was there without the liver damage and sleep deprevation.

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol ;) next time, u're included!