August 2, 2008

.updates; hair, phoon & stan.

ok. so thats my new hairdo. not much difference (the non-obvious one is that it is shorter), but now my hair colour is even. :) no ugly regrowth line. hehe yay. i shall enjoy this for the next month before my natural black hair peeks out again.

- and yes, i know all the crazy things edited into the photo is stealing my new hairdo's thunder. i couldn't help it. its that picnik application at facebook. i just haaaad to have everything. *rolls eyes at phoon - yes yes, i know im greedy*

phoon is home and back in my arms. "he says" he has been "good" while he was away. heHe guess i have to take his words for it and hope he drowns in guilt when he sees this IF he did do something funny. *ahem* haHaa...

stan is home too! feels like he hasnt left at all. still so straight forward when he says things and annoying as hell with his cuteness! we're gonna sing K tomorrow nite!! soon derek will be back too! weehHeee!!

gloomy-wednesday aside,
everything feels in place.
i just need sleep.


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