August 18, 2008

.pushin' my limits.

highs and lows; happens everyday rite?
how about this?

in the morning, i get up for an interview for a part time job. get to the city, spoke to the lady boss, and within 5 minutes, i was hired and has been asked to attend my first day on friday at 8.30am. apparently my weekends from now on are completely gone too.

after the interview, i met up with selina and nanda. they were shopping for a gift for a friend. selina then saw a forever friends bear that says, "take it easy" and bought it for me. its beside my bed now. selina says it'll calm me; and it did.

later that arvo, i met with mouzam. had late lunch and updated each other on our lives. he's quite the party boy now. too bad im not so clubby anymore, although he says i shud checkout this new rnb club in the valley. hmm.

then, i got home just as the sky turned dark, had sushi with me bro and sis, and proceeded to check my emails. found a reply from...

[post edited]

i feel like a fool.

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