August 26, 2008

.updates on today.

got outta bed talking to shaz today. apparently i left him a miss call last night. somehow i dont remember, but i suspect i might have cuz i remember reading all this.

we spoke for 2 hours about everything. the best bits were when we took a walk down memory lane and had endless laughs about how immature we were, and how childish our relationship was. we were crazy and full of spirit and passion and energy. cant believe its been 3 years since.

hey, i found a new placement. :) starting tomorrow at 8.15am. i am so nervous. gonna spend my last minutes before bed reading up on property settlements. cant go in with an empty head rite? :)

im getting back on track with my rnb music now. yay! :) - so far, here's what i have (they're not new, but im just beginnin to like them now):

x. rihanna's disturbia;
x. chris brown's make it work;
x. chris & jordin's no air;

x. neyo's closer;
x. jordin's one step at a time.

thanks to sheena. :) - and if anyone has anything else thats good, do throw them my way. :)

and United won their first EPL match last nite against Pompey.
it was on foxtel at 5am... i dozed off at the 73' minute.
i cant stay up anymore.
i caaaaant....
but yay! 3 points!!
Pompey was quite a good...


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