August 7, 2008

.back where they belong.

stan da man and derek with his infamous nose thing are back in brisvegas.
... and derek is staying for good.
how awesome iz that?! :)
gratz on the job babe!

i can always count on stan to be there with a helping hand.
yes, he even helps me pick my teeth. o.O
this was after dinner at viet place at inala two nights ago.

the nite taking a litte turn with some devirginized milk. ;)
that was my share for the nite...
sheensie was up for some dv-milk later that nite, but we ran out.
hence her exclaimation as captioned on the pic.

ooooH... another twist of the nite.
note: card games among a mix of guys and girls + some alcohol can never stay dry for long.
(that line is open to your personal interpretations)

oui, c'est moi... showing sum love to selina by running ice around every women's favourite spot...

sheensie documented a couple of vids from the nite.
check em' out on her blog!


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