August 19, 2008

.i control my happiness dammitttt!.

i'm in control of my happiness. yes, just have to keep repeating that.

today, my meeting turned out for the worst. it was cancelled. and due to all the time constraints, i decided to withdraw my application for admissions and postpone it to november; behind everyone else. feels good people. no, of course im not being serious, dammit. :) *haha r u confused?- sorry, i think its the first sign of me turning into a wackjob*

on the up side, this funny/awkward phone convo happened today -

melissa: hey, i was just talking to ur boyfriend. he was waiting in line for the same bus as me!
me: my boyfriend?... which one?
melissa: jason?
me: oh... hmm... u didn't know we broke up?
melissa: oh...

im guess there'll be more moments as such. apparently everyone is bumping into him on the bus. but thats fine, as long as 'everyone' isnt me. haha :)
*yea, im being a baby. so?*

- but really, i think it'd be awkward. so i would rather avoid it all together, at least for now; which i think is do-able, since i've been so engrossed in reading MX on the bus lately. i noticed, like today, my eyes never left the stupid paper until i got to my stop! (and excuse me, get ur facts right... apparently a duck's quack DOES echo!)

aanywayz, panic at the disco's concert tomorrow.
gonna have fun for sherwynna. (new blog add!)
after all, she's gonna be meeting the love of her life.
AND... she did pay for my tickets. lol
do u think it matters that i only know one song?

nine in the afternooonnn......
la la la laa the mooon........
la la la laa me soon....

ok, i give up before i offend more people.

i guess i know what im listening to bed tonite.


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