August 28, 2008


a friend was bloggin about what makes a guy unattractive. it got me thinking. then the girls also had a bitchin session about guys in general... which then led to my urge to write this down.

30 little things that i think would make a guy unattractive - or lose points (not bothering with the obvious) is when he -

1. does not bother holding the door for a girl (including in lifts);
2. spits on the street;
3. smells funky on a night out;

4. uses gender equality (seriously) as an excuse to not be a gentleman;
5. does not walk a girl to their bus stop, or walks the girl to be bus stop but does it like there's a short gun pointed at him;
6. pouts or shows-face-colour when he does not get his way (unreasonably);

7. is uptight;
8. talks big and gets caught going back on his words;
9. drools over hot chicks too obviously;
10. brags about being somebody he is not;
11. find it necessary to put down other guys to make himself look good;
12. thinks acting like a jackass would win him chicks;
13. isn't cool but tries too hard to look the part (girls get the same vibe that guys get when they see a chick who's struting around, trying 'hard' to look pretty - u know what i mean rite?);

14. gets on the bus before his female friends do (lifts included);
15. put too much gel on (or has too much grease in his hair from not washing) and smudge it on the bus' window when he leans on it;
16. singles himself out from a crowd, not bothering to make the effort to relax and enjoy;
17. is too self-centred and thinks everything is about him;

18. pulls his pants up too high;
19. overly recycle his lines, words or actions with different girls - and gets caught (cuz girls talk!);

20. can't organise his money property and constantly overspends;
21. overtalks about his ex;
22. sounds uneducated or uncivilize;

23. is overconfident with no substance a.k.a a smart ass;
24. has friends who secretly hates him;
25. wears dirty socks;
26. is stingy;
27. overthink things, especially with the opposite sex (so uncool - arent guys suppose to be the forgetful and oblivious ones?);
28. drives off after sending you home without waiting until you get safely inside the house;

29. overdo things with your friends, whether flirt or be a jerk;
30. acts like he's ok and all understanding, when he really isnt, then secretly plots how to get back at you when u least expect it. - cheers to that! the new breed of men.

im sure u gals have more...
but im going to bed.
my 8am-6pm hours are killing me.
... but im secretly loving it. :)



۞ D! ۞ said...

guilty of at least 5-7 of these.

MsMusicJunkie said...

x comes up with lame excuses during a fight.
x says,"i will do it differently next time" and doesnt.
x dont bother to really understand a girl and then says its her fault for not telling him things.
x expects a girl to make the first move.
x ego is too big for his head.

MORE to come. :)

Anonymous said...

How u find the time to make a 30-point list? =-=''
So which do I pass or fail on? lol


.lennie.sam.lee. said...

keeep em coming babe! lol

derek: so many? reli?

ivan lean: i would've went on if i wasnt rushing to get into bed... and dont get me started on u.