August 27, 2008

.the busy working gal.

oh. what a long day! stepped into the office at 8am and got out at 6pm. welcome to the future? sounds like it. good thing im kinda enjoying it. the work is making me feel important. lol odd, i know. *fingers crossed* for the next 9 days.

met elton at the supreme ct registry today. had a nice chat. we're going out for drinks during the weekend. wwwwith the others from our former PLT. hehee... should be fun. :)

today made me realise how lucky i am to be in the position that im in right now. i mean, to be single. no pun intended. here are my reasons -

#1. i work full-time at a law firm from 8am - 6pm mondays to fridays;
#2. i work part-time in the city on friday nights, and whole day saturdays and sundays;

#3. i come home from work exhausted and aim to be in bed before midnight;
#4. i love my girlfriends and cant stay away from all the gossip sessions... hence, there goes most of my spare time;
#5. my parents are coming early september and will be here for 2 weeks. im struggling to find time with them, so boyfriend-time are definitely non-existent;
#6. i need weekend, nights in particular to catch up with other friends i do not wish to neglect (cuz i miss them and wanna see them too!);

#7. i love myself too much... any minute i can find, it should be for me - for moments like these. :)

im happy. but i dont mind some hugs. only if you're offerring tho. a girl of my standards don't beg. (*winks* at D!) unless u're someone i miss alot of course, then u dont have a choice.

shower time.
sheena's home.
let the bitching session begin.

-maybe not. :)

DEREK! thx for buying my guitar string!! ;) lol

suddenly got the urge to listen to this song -

Mari Bercinta - Sheila On 7

it belonged to shaz and i. :) oh how i use to love this song...


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hugs? (pushin it) lol