August 29, 2008

.momentum is high!.

x. yikes.
work started at 8am and i left at 5.30pm;
rushed off to work at the jewellery store at 6.30pm and got off at 10pm.
14 hours of work. whoa.
i managed to eat 2 sushi rolls between switching jobs.
thats all. hmm.

x. was kinda disappointed to leave the firm today.
my boss asked me to join the rest for friday wind-down drinks.
i was dying to stay and socialize...
but i had to rush off. :( booHoo.

x. had my first cup of coffee at work today.
i had 4 cups of tea before that, and decided it wasn't helping.
coffee was my last resort.
from all the fluid, i ended up peeing 9017291 times today.

x. sold 4 diamond items today. :)

x. tip for life: DON'T DIE INTESTATE. lawyers will hate you.

x. tip for guys: it may be the 21st centuary, but the art of being a gentleman still counts.

x. shoutout:
1. sorry derek for missing our 'date' for last minute night-shift work! ;)
2. thanks michael for the company while i waited for my bus! sorry for making u miss yours!
3. sorry girls and cyrus for keeping u guys waiting until 10pm!!

4. sorry sheensie for not being able to drink tonite!
5. congratz shermsie for getting the job!

work tomoz at 8.30am.
currently 8 mins to midnight.
argh! bath and bed time!


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۞ D! ۞ said...

grats sherm!