August 31, 2008

.gonna sleep at 10 tonite! watch me!.

my first week of 100% work. im losing momentum. legs hurt like crap and my energy level is going down. i need to pop a vit-c before i fall apart. 1.5 more weeks to go before i revert to my life as a bum.

mum and dad coming in 3 days. the house is a mess. mum's gonna kill us.

laundry undone. room unclean. house a pigstye. unrested. oh shit... hosery... all worn and havent had time to wash. dammit. gonna look ugly at work tomorrow.


our riverfire group. (plus MC and mel who left early)
thanks for coming out guys! :)

shaz, thanks for the company at lunch yesterday, and for the one hour laughs last night before bed. :) anddd for the rocks that i now know are definitely real. HAHA :)

derek, thanks for the company at lunch today, and for being there for me sooo much to the point that i dreamt of what i told u i dreamt about. :) lol and for watching the fireworks with me. i had fun. :)

nanda, will try to make lunch next weekend ok? :) and thanks for the picture of us taken at the riverfest! glad we at least found u in the crowd!!

yen jia, thanks for sharing my pain and tryin to help me reduce my burdens. u're the bestest. :)

just sharing:
i was walking to my bus stop after work today when a drunk-looking white dude walked up to me and said, "do u wanna suck an irishman's cock?"... i walked off without a word. stunned - and insulted. wtf?


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