September 29, 2008

.brisbane; home sweet home.

im home. :)
alls great.
sydney was an eye opener.
i've taken 1,048 pictures (not including the ones in derek's cam) in the 5 days i was away. :) :)
you'll probably find 50% of them on facebook.

cant wait to settle back in.
i've seen, learnt, watched, experienced and realised alot in the last few days.
about friends, life, men, people, places and myself.
andd... i've got so many people to thank.
you'll read all about it in due course.

on a random note:
i'm still thinking about him.
somehow, random moments of us from the past has decided to come back to toy with my mind.
hmm. dont know what to do.

anyway, there were many highlights throughout the trip.
but this one takes the cake -

FINALLY. after 5 years.
im here with the world known Sydney Opera House. :)


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