September 25, 2008

.i can be a man.

oooh. talk about karma.

on 24 September 2008, sherlene was "gamed" in return. no, i wasn't dared to game someone. i was gamed! my crush from before totally crushed me today. not to mention, he's got an anchor on me. one wink, and i'm a puddle of goo on the ground. everytime. no fail. how does he do it?!

i need to prep myself to handle our next meeting a little better. need to stop my imagination from running wild each time he says something even only just very-so-slightly capable of meaning something else. something ^^.

self control woman! :)

speakin of self control, im all packed for sydney. one bag, one handbag, thats it; when i'm actually allowed an extra 7kg hand carry baggage. another indication of my manly side. sigh. maybe im really a man. *ahem* a gay man, mind you.

sides... how can i not be gay when guys like who-im-referring-to-above walks the same planet and breathes the same air. :) *slaps self* ok, images of him are officially chucked aside. *slap slap slap*...

ok, compromise. i need to get up for my flight in an hour. so, i hereby grant myself permission to daydream about him for the next hour. :) hehe. *slap*

25 september 2008!!! happy birthday shazz!!! ;)

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