September 7, 2008

.ms bugged.

5000 hits on my blog? o.O
really?? hmm.

Happy Father's Day!! (in Australia)

i think daddy liked the wallet we bought him. im gonna help him make the switch soon, and fill his wallet with my pictures. haHaa... then gloat to my siblings that im the favourite child. ^^

.random bugs. (as in, things that are buggin me)

buggie #1:
selina and everyone else i know (doing law) are getting admitted tomorrow. yes, for sure i am really happy for selina and the others, but i also cant help feelin a little bugged out by the fact that im being left behind. :( *i know, suck it up!* but pushing those thoughts aside, i really am happy for them!! need to start sending out congratulatory texts!!

buggie #2:
road rage. was sending derek home earlier when he answered a phone call from his mum. i didnt know, and suddenly exclaimed, and i quote, "ooooh! f*ckin sh*t!" - aunty vera couldn't have missed it. minus big points. noooooo.... im suppose to be an angel!! :(

buggie #3:
placement ends on wednesday. everyone's encouraging me to ask for a job. i want to too, but its so hard. *fingers crossed* no harm in asking rite? the worst he'd say is no... no biggie, yea?*gulp*

buggie #4:
i think phoon moved away from sunnybank. it shouldnt be my problem, but somehow knowing he's not down the road anymore kinda makes me feel weird. hmm. i dont think it means im still hooked on him... guess its just another 'change', and i never like change. oh wells.

buggie #5:
i cant attend selina's admissions tomorrow cuz im working. :( i really do wanna be there when she gets admitted. its a big deal, and i'm ALWAYS there when something big happens to selina. hate to have to miss this one. :(

im gonna sit around, pout and then go to bed.
excuse me.

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