September 8, 2008

.new layout.

no no... dont worry. im not pulling one of those "new life, new layout" kinda act. its really due to a whim, sheensie's in particular, who caused us to be lured into checkin out this blogger template galore and turning our old blogs upside down. hence, we were forced to sit in front of the laptop for 1 hour min, trying to fix things up.

... and the rest is history.

lol i'd say it turned out for the better tho, rite? i like my new layout. too bad i lost all my links though. :( anyone who wants to be linked to me blog, do gimme a shoutout and i'd make the necessary arrangements. :)

here are the girls' new blog faces -

.wynnie beannie.
.sheensie poo.

alrite. 12.07pm. bed time.

gratz to my law friends who got admitted today!! wooHooo!!

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