September 15, 2008

.goats and strawberries.


"we fight, we break up, we kiss, we make up."

- katy perry [hot and cold]

"we fight, we make up, we kiss, we break up."

wynna lee's version.

i go for the latter. ;) *woooHoo!!*

oh. i've had so much on my mind lately, which would explain all the annoying dreams i've been getting. mum says i probably have lots of hidden emotional bagages that's subconsciously playing with my mind. hmm. i dont know.

took my parents to a strawberry farm yesterday; only to realise it WAS a strawberry farm. we ended up feeding the goats and sheeps there... annddd had a good laugh at ourselves, especially sheena... :P

the strawberry farm at pimpama no longer exist!! unless u're happy with just strawberry ice cream, sundaes, not-so-cheap packaged strawberries, and goats/sheeps feeding. :)

sunday was also Mooncake Festival. mum planned to cook a feast for us all, but after our little trip to the "farm" + harbour town + sanctuary cove (sooo pretty! - see pics below!)... mum was so tired. so we decided on a simple eat-out. :)

will update more when i can remember more things.

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