September 11, 2008


*fingers crossed* - i hope my blog looks acceptable to the firefox users now. do let me know. :) here's a pic just to officiate things.

im done with placement. the report is awesome. frank carroll solicitor is the best. even got a reference letter to beautify my future resume! yay!

i was at court with frank today. saw this young-suit-wearing guy from inside my client interview room. dark perfect hair and perfect strong facial features. i walked by him, he looked at me, i smiled, he smiled. eyes locked. :)

i THINK i saw jimmy at garcit/garbo today. didnt stand around long enough to confirm.

derek and stan wants me at sydney on the 26th september. i want to go, but i cant afford it. :( i dont know what to do now...

ok. another day at court tomorrow. need to sleep. btw, i've again been influenced to love one of sheena's well-loved songs. mario's - i choose you:

"...for i saw us dancing through sunshine and rain. and i saw us laughing through joy and through pain. and i saw time passing but we did not change. and i still saw us together at the end of every day..."

- he's what im looking for. :)

p.s. wynna: i'll quote u tomorrow! lol

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