September 20, 2008

.little ms dominant.

referring to my earlier post about "sherlene's dominating personality", i thought about how whenever another one of my relationship ends, dad would tell me -

"you need someone strong and he's not strong enough for you"

so i got to thinking. what does dad mean when he says that? - perhaps my guy needs to be the type who is strong enough to:

x. accept the fact that his other half wouldn't make him feel needed all the time (although deep down she does, but just doesnt show it)?
x. support someone who's already trying so hard to be strong for herself?
x. brush off teasings from his friends who 'think' he's pussy whipped?
x. be stronger than her, and make her yield under his power? [hmm]
x. be comfortable as her boyfriend despite everything?
x. feel secure even when his other half has very close male friends?
x. support her when she stumbles without discouraging her strength?
x. still appear strong in front of others/friends despite having a dominant partner?
x. accept her public image and love her for who she is as his partner?
x. know that she tries hard to be strong even though she probably isn't as strong as she says, without belittling her?
x. make her feel that despite allowing her to be her strong self, she can trust that he is stronger when a situation that demands for such arises...

... or... maybe dad was just being the supportive "say the right thing when your daughter is upset" parent? hmm... maybe i should ask him.

hmm, what do u think?

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See u in 4 days said...

I think he is trying to say someone who is strong- "sexually" in the bedroom.