September 16, 2008

.why sherlene why?.

so, a few of us, including my mum sat in the kitchen talking about guys. somehow the topic became "why can't sherlene keep a long lasting relationship?"

i came to australia determined to leave my "reputation" behind, only to find that being here for less than 5 years was enough to put me back at square one, reputation/image wise. can't say im complaining though. maybe i just dont care anymore?

here's what my beloved ones think in response to the infamous question above -

1. because she attracts the wrong type (losers/players/weirdos/wrong religion/personality clashy types) of guys, whether by constant bad-luck, bad taste or because of her personality.

2. because she is too dominant and head strong and is too argumentative, and guys cannot stand it.

3. because she overthink things too much, especially the small things the other person does. in particular, in relation to my guy and members of the opposite sex. somehow, they say that im the master of creating negative stories in my head of the other person by reading too much into the small things. (does this make me a jealous freak - subconsciously?)

4. because she's overly flirty/close with other men, and boyfriends cant take it.

5. because she thinks she's always right.

- well, i can see where they're coming from, but... hey, mind you, the above is what they think. im not necessarily admitting to those "suggestions". *ahem*

-fine! add "denial" to the bloody list for all i care!

:) alritey, bedtime. niteyo.


Anonymous said...

Woah.. I got "referenced"

Can I add to the already growing list?! Im sure I can be of GREAT assistance...


.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol shut up ivan. :P - i have to admit, i like ur post.

Anonymous said...

Comela.. I add to the list.. I get D to help k... hehee...
mayb I shud talk to ur mom and let her know some stories.. hahaha!!

I din kno my post was so meaningful to you?... =D

Anonymous said...

agree to all MUAHAHHAHAHAH!!!! >_<

well the best comes yeah


.lennie.sam.lee. said...

hmm is that last comment still you, ivan? or issit someone else..? the "MUAHAHA" bit reminds me of singyee...

Anonymous said...

Sing Yee...