September 22, 2008

.plan A.

so the girls and i visit blockbuster (sunnybank) sometimes 2-3 times a week. so i'd say we're regulars.

so... wynna just noticed how cute one of the employee is. one who sees us every tuesday, and (im sure) finds pleasure in our disturbing should-really-keep-to-ourselves type of conversations. sadly, he looks like a minor, so we're handing him down to wynna.

anyhoo, here's a plan -

"remember that cute indian guy that works at blockbuster? i say you walk into the store when he's not working, and ask another one of the regular employees for 'the indian guy's' details - certain that he'll pass on the word of interest. then the next time you walk in the store when he's working, dont look at him at all. until he starts looking at you, (which he will cuz he's always staring at our group anyway)... then, on one occasion, you secretly sneak a semi-flirty-mysterious smile at him. after that, just continue talking and laughing with us."

... that should be sufficient contact. if he's interested, he'd do something. :)

x. currenly: 4 girls sitting in the living room, watching mortal kombat. something u dont see every day. awesome movie though. so toodles!

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MsMusicJunkie said...

dude,things we need to keep to ourselves. btw,wth. where'd u get the pic?!