September 19, 2008

.friday salsa.

yep, we made it for another friday-salsa night. :) it was fun. leon was with us too, and did an awesome job keeping the birds and bees off sheena and wynna. thanks for coming out mr.ho! :)


i remember i was dancing with leon, when he pointed out how i tend to lead. derek said the same thing about me last week. leon asked me "why? (i have this masculine thing goin on)"... to which i answered rather spontaneously "because i dont trust the guy enough to do it right." - referring not to dancing, but simply being honest about my grown habit with men. (sounds kinda usher-ish huh?) and offensive, i know. sigh. admittedly though, me and leon's dancing became better when i allowed him to lead. :) so ok, maybe giving up power once in a while isnt such a bad thing. hehee.

*end of edited bit*

working tomorrow at 8.30am. bummer. i shud sleep now. i still miss mum and dad terribly. *sobs* ooh... and i've got so much to plan/do before i leave for sydney. resume preparation, permanent visa stuff, damage-controling my room, legal profession admissions application... *brrr*

alritey. need to put fresh sheets on me bed. mmm... love fresh sheets. :) good dreams tonite!


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