September 2, 2008

.i spy with my little eye.

observation #1:
men in the working world, with their suits and polished leather shoes are so much more of a gentleman. u're first into the lift, and first to walk out. and they make it look so natural and unpretentious. so attractive.

observation #2:
there are so many hot lawyers around. visit the court house during working hours. seriously.

observation #3:
there is one solicitor in particular that has caught my eye. i've seen him a couple of times at the beenleigh district court. today he was at the family court in brisbane. what a pleasant surprise. aww. he's gorgeous.

observation #4:
my room is so messy. its 10.17pm now. i need to shower and sleep. parents arriving at 8pm tomoz. i get home after work at 6pm. 2 hours to clean my room and the house. good luck. shit.

observation #5:
guys with unresolved-burdening-pasts are so not worth it. seriously, clean your shit up before you smear it on us. we're not here to fix you, and have no obligation to do so. u want a good r'ship? bring a full 50% for your half, and i'll bring mine. bring more if u please, but we shouldn't have to tolerate anything less.


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