September 1, 2008

.my vibe; damn vibe.

harrassed two days in a row.

i really must be giving out some kinda vibe. then again, today's wasn't so bad. it was probs yesterday's occurrance that made me more sensitive. that irish dude was seriously... *no words to describe*

i was walking to the federal mags court when this indian guy walked by me, leaned in and said, "preeetty". was i suppose to feel flattered? geez. does work wear really increase one's ability to attract the opposite sex? hmm. but i do know men in suits attract me. HAHA.

this morning was kinda weird too. this asian dude in a red sports car, who was blasting his stereo had his eyes fixated on me (not perasan, i swear) from pinelands road to wishart square - where i work. i was wearing my sunnies, so he couldn't possible see where i was looking... maybe its my secret vibe again.

but i got so distracted, i missed my turning. sped pass a yellow light, leaving him caught behind the red. relieved to get him out of my sight, i turned into a junction to make a U-ey, only to find him driving pass my junction, slowing down to look straight at me... hmm.

BY THE WAY... *changing the topic*
today, while driving home from work, i was listening to Hamish and Andy. they were prank calling people, and it was hilarious! but it sucks to laugh alone in the car... god knows what the person in the next car is thinking. :) i reckon i need a sign on my car saying "Listening to B105"...

sheensie is watching the sweetest thing. less than 10 mins into the show, we were all reminded of an essential dating tip:

"dont go looking for 'Mr.Right'. look for 'Mr.Right Now', and if he's worth it, eventually the 'now' part will fall away."

10pm. im still here, unshowered.


Anonymous said...

Mayb u look like an easy target?


.lennie.sam.lee. said...

at least i only "look" it. hehee..