September 30, 2008

.sydney trip: a nutshell.

day 1:

x. just made it in time to check in.

x. got off at town hall and met derek.
x. got comfy in a pretty awesome apartment with derek's parents.
x. took 917291 pics at darling harbour.

x. went to the famous fish market and ate yummy food.

x. had tea at the lindt chocolat cafe. *droooool*
x. met derek's parent's friends.
x. thursday nite shopping: QVB, pitt st, etc etc.

x. minor food poisoning. :(
x. met stan!!
x. thai for dinner "saap thai". met derek's friends, bryant and esther.
x. joined bryant at his friend's place. awesome apartment!
x. met stan's friends at delafrance.
x. gave derek his graduation gift. (shirt + tie) he wore it for his graduation.

day 2:
x. sent derek off for his graduation.

x. took a walk around the city and china town with selina.
x. bought a jacket, meteor garden I & II on DVD, felt like i could be in hong kong.
x. stan took us to bondi beach. (hot guys + hot bods central!)

x. drove pass fox studios.
x. checked into travel lodge sydney.
x. picked bryant and rushed to derek's grad.
x. derek's grad!!!
x. met emily!
x. took derek's million dollar shot. *ahem*

x. coffee at starbucks with derek's parents and cousins.
x. dinner with derek's family.
x. said goodbye to derek's parents.
x. went to argyles at the the rocks on a nite out.
x. 3 guys tried to pick us up using "the game" and failed terribly. [seriously, they used the exact same line the book taught!!]
x. moved the party to cheers, a 100% pick up joint. #
x. back to the hotel and zonked out with stan, derek and emily.

day 3:

x. got up at 11pm.
x. yum cha at "zilver" with stan, derek, esther, shin dy and her bf, kenny.

x. went to the market at the rocks.

x. went to see the sydney opera house and the harbour bridge. #

x. foot massage with stan and esther at a thai place.
x. met up with shin dy and had dinner at ramen kan.

x. went to star city casino and lost $50 each. (selina and i) #

x. back to the city for another night out clubbing. #
x. ended up bailing on clubbing and went to a pub "star bar" to watch football.
x. selina and i had a few drinks at the pub and caught up with each other about the trip. the pub's bartenders and bouncers were verrry protective over us when guys tried to chat us up. it was good. :)
x. united won!
x. went back to hotel aroun 4am.

day 4:

x. got up late and had brekkie/lunch at ayam goreng near randwick with stan, emily, bryant and fionne.
x. met krystie tham, my kindy best friend!
x. shopping at paddy's market most of the day. found souveniers for the girls and shermsie.
x. dinner at mamak. most expensive roti canai i've ever ate.

x. met with derek.
x. stan left... :(

x. coffee with esther and emily at delafrance.

x. back to hotel, and chatted with emily until we fell asleep.

day 5:

x. derek and emily left before selina and i got up.
x. got up. check out.
x. pulled our bags to the train station.
x. had warmed up roti telur for breakfast/lunch.

x. took a long train ride back to newcastle.

x. took 927819 pics in newcastle.
x. saw this tree and fell in love with it for no reason.

x. flew home.

sorry if i missed out on anything. my memory isn't the best. :)

# denotes the times we took cabs around. ($$ man!)

i did everything with selina, so her name isnt mentioned. as well as stan, most of the time anyway. :) hehe will be uploading the rest of the pics on facebook soon. thanks to everyone who made our trip beyond awesome!!

muah! :)


Anonymous said...

Yep.. seems like you pretty much covered a great deal in syd...
D din take you for the sausages?

Was "that" the million dollar shot? I was half expecting a line-up...


Anonymous said...

Original: Drive pass FOX studio

Edited: Drive pass FOX studio "sign board"

Just to help u cover your ass in case someone ask you about FOX studio's appearances.

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol is that stan? hey stan, if u dont say, people wont know wan lor!! :P

Anonymous said...

walaoweh commotion of derek's exes...lovely aint it 0.o