September 17, 2008

.will miss.

the parents are leaving tomorrow. morning flight. cant believe its been 2 weeks. im crying already. :( like everyone else, i hate goodbyes. especially to loved ones. i also hate the fact that it'll be months/years before i get to see mum and dad again. :(

tell u what i also hate? drivers who thinks its ok not to fix a gaddamn third break light on their friggin car. i spent a good couple of minutes swearing at a merc today because of that reason. dad says i have a serious case of road rage. i call it PMS. hehee... but u see, they're bloody hazardous on the road. im calling the cops the next time i see one. i dun care.

on a different note, my family went for dim sum in the morning, then spent the arvo shopping at garcit. mum bought me 2 pairs of work shoes, which i love so so much. they're really good ones too (and $$-y). but its suppose to be good for my weak ankle. thanks m&d!!

oh... guess what mum also did? we were chatting with this sales guy at Godfrey's, when mum just found it necessary to ask the guy if he was married - to which his response was, "no, i'm actually single at the moment." he then went on telling mum how he's graduated, moved here with his family, just bought a house in robertson, etc. mum looks at us (the girls) expectantly.

mum cracks me up big time. she's just soo cheeky. same with dad. *sobs* im sooo gonna miss them. :( - and we didnt even get to take a family picture with all 5 of us together!!

p.s: united is playing villareal at 4.30am on SBS. ronaldo is apparently back from his injury, so this could be his first match this season! "to watch or not to watch"; that is the question. hmm.

i miss mum and dad already!! *SOBS*

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