September 23, 2008

.etc etc.

lol wynna accepted a "blockbuster" challenge today put to her by sheen and i. game on. ;) this will be an interesting social experiment. wynna just needs to clean her ears a bit. lol

check this out. good dancing - good song [duffy's mercy]. since watching this, this song always make me wanna boogie. :)

oooh im so tired. been working alot. gonna start packing tomorrow. stan sent me our sydney trip plan today. sounds fun, but too short!! :( stan, u shud stay on sunday nite, and drive to work at 3am. :)

watched "make it happen" today with the girls. about burlesque dancing. u know, the sensual, get-in-touch-with-your-sexuality kinda thing. hot hot hot. might try out some mooooves in sydney. i think stan mentioned clubbing a couple of times in our plan. ;) hmm... wonder what else i can sink my nails into while im there. ;) ;)

derek took his parents to meet me at work today. :) so schweeet!! gonna see them this thursday in sydney. that'd be fun! i miss family-ness! gonna hog derek's family time. :)


۞ D! ۞ said...

haha, nice trying to compliment my parents at work. hahaha.

MsMusicJunkie said...

u guys are mean.:(