September 3, 2008

.you're hot and you're cold (perry,2008).

m&d are finally here. :) so good to see them. they dont look any different. yay. :) today felt like christmas. i get to see my parents, and get heaps of gifts. hehe... and mooncake!! *slurps*

when mum and i got into the passenger seats at the back of the car today, mum turned to me, took my hand and said, "so girl... u're single now?"... lol so cute. maybe i shud use my recent breakup as an excuse to get outta things. ie:

mum: hey girl! why ur room so messy?!
me: mumm... i just broke up lor. too depressed. can't clean.
mum: aww girl... thats ok. mummy clean for you.

^^ lol only joking!!

anyway, work today was tough. really was. the work seems harder and more unfamiliar. i wanna stick to conveyancing!!! :( - oh, going to court tomoz. i wonder if i'd bump into that solicitor again. :)

updated my playlist today. came across two songs that i really like. delta goodrem's "i cant break it to my heart" and katy perry's "hot and cold".

funny how both songs are so different in terms of their lyrics. one talks about staying in denial afer a broken relationship, while the other screams frustration and liberation. *smirks* i'm dedicating ONE of these two songs to HIM.

sweet dreams m&d & everyone out there!



SS said...

If I am your mum I will be too sien to ask if you are single or not.

Hi AUNTY & UNCLE!!! So sad cant have dinner with u guys again. Please do not change the fridge again and dont throw my sunflower away.

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

hey babyyyyyyy!!! :) ur sunflower is still in place! heHee... but we got more new furniture. muahaha.