September 6, 2008


today was a loooong day. soooo glad its friday, and im not working tonite or saturday. get to spend some quality time with the parents, so thats good. :) enjoyed a couple of episodes of SATC earlier with the girls, derek and fyin. SATC is awesome - and always will be.

here's a story:
today at work, andrew (my boss' son) told me to rush down to the city during peak hours to do a settlement. he lent me his mobile in the process. i accidentally took a call from his fiance. it was funny...

me: hello?
her: *pause*... oh, who's this? (in an 'ok, stay calm' kinda voice)

so awkward. u know those phone calls that happens when a gf calls her bf and another girl answers? lol it became a joke back at the office after that though. my boss reckon i should've said, "andrew's got his hands full at the moment". lol if i knew his fiance personally, i might've played around a bit, but i panicked instead. silly me. glad i managed to avoid drama though!

a tip for the girls:
if u suspect another girl may be interested in your man, dont bring this to his attention in any way, cuz that would push him into noticing her 'in that way' more. men tend to react to offers of interest. [as i recall, jason and i spoke about this before]

current mood:
there's something about today that's making me feel a little down. cant put my finger on what the problem is though. hormones probably? or maybe im just tired. hmm.



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