October 13, 2008

.all in the mixing bowl!.

watched sex and the city's movie with the girls again tonite. its finally out on DVD. now we just have to wait until the full DVD is out, as in, the one complete with the special features. :) absolutely love SATC. :) - i reckon it was better watching it the 2nd time around.

spent an afternoon with leon today. we had a plan! he was suppose to do his assignment, and i was suppose to do up my resume. we were suppose to be each other's motivation. but well, that didn't work. not at all. is anyone surprised? haha... bum + bum = some major bumming!

these few days have been filled with exes. (ok, i meant past guys in my life) as mentioned, i met up with jason the other day. two nights ago, andres gave me a nite to remember on msn. ;) then last nite, i learnt that terrence has got a new gf. tonite, i bumped into jimmy while driving home from sunnybank. ooh... not to mention the dream i had a couple of nites ago about derek, groovy and shafeeq. that was quite a scary one. hmm... the names are getting pretty overwhelming huh?

moooving on... i reckon, after the past few ex-filled days, this horoscope reading couldn't possibly have better timing:

also, this reading served as yet another reason to stand firm on the decision i made in my last post. hmmph. i am strong. i can live without it. (sheena knows what i mean)

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jamez said...

Wow, that's alot of exes... You're more of a player than i am! :P